Thursday, March 29, 2012

Writers Block...

{Sigh}...I've been trying to get this paper written, for college..and yes, I'm stuck. Writers block. Ugh, I hate it when that happens. So I just decided to distract myself with drinking tea and blogging. Good way to clear the head right? Ok, I feel like I'm just rambling away without even making any sense. Sorry.

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So, I'm writing my paper on the Redemption. And wow, learning this in deep has been so good. I'm taking a class and we are reading over Calvin's Institutes of Christian Religion. It's been so good, sometimes can be really deep and can take awhile to get, but its all definitely worth it in the end! Do you ever get that feeling where you're like "Wow, I learned something. I feel so smart!" Haha, sounds a little weird, but it feels good to learn. Anyways, this post is getting boring, so I better get back to work. <3

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