Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Mom Is The Greatest!

Here's an essay I wrote about my Mom for a contest...and I just got the news that I was in the top 10 finalists!! I'm pretty excited! So the voting begins April 12, be sure and vote here:

Why My Mom is The Greatest

Words cannot even begin to express how much my Mom does each day, how much love and tender care she pours out on each of her eight children, yes eight! She had each one of us and she taught (and is still teaching) each one of us at home. She truly is AMAZING!! Through her life she will have spent over 36 year’s homeschooling all of us kids from preschool to high-school  On top of teaching the kids, she makes meals for the family, cleans the house (which is an ongoing mess), does the laundry (yes with this many in the house there is a continual pile of dirty clothes), and not only that but she takes care of our 95 year old Great Grandpa! The love and service she demonstrates daily toward him alone is remarkable. She makes and feeds him food, cleans his clothes, bedding, and so much more every day, and never complains!
My Mom is a servant, she is constantly laying down her own needs for those of others, especially her children.
She also volunteers, on top of everything she does at our home, to serve those in the community. Mom volunteers at a Pregnancy Center, helping, mentoring and teaching young mothers and those in need. She truly is a huge blessing to so many and we want to bless her, for she deserves it and more!
All 8 of us kids can truly say “Our Mom is the GREATEST!!!”